Domande di letteratura 5° anno

Queste sono le prime, alle quali rispondere per il 03/03:

1) Explain briefly what happened during the Victorian reign both in the home policy and in the foreign policy.

2) What were the main effects of the Parliamentary Reforms of 1832 and 1867?

3) What happened in 1834? Explain the negative aspects.

4) What was Chartism?

5) Why is the Victorian period considered an era of peace?

6) When, why and by whom were the Corn Laws repealed?

7) Outline the advantages and disadvantages of the commercial expansion of the Victorian period.

8) What is meant by "Victorian morality"?

9) Victorian thought was influenced by Darwin's On the Origin of the Species. Explain why.

10) Why did the production of works of literature increase?

11) What is the function of the novelist?

12) Describe some of the Victorian novels features.

13) Do you think that Dickens' personal life influenced his works? Explain why.

14) List some of the social themes Dickens focused on.

15) "Hard Times" consists of three books. Where do their titles come from?


Per il 10/03:

1) Write briefly Wilde's life.

2) Walter Pater influenced Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Explain why.

3) Describe Dorian's character.

4) Why is the portrait growing old instead of him?

5) Why does Dorian decide to destroy the painting at the end of the novel?

6) "The Importance of Being Earnest". What is important about the title?

7) Do you think there is a similitude between the character of Gwendolen and the character of Cecily? Why?

8) What is Lady Bracknell's attitude towards Jack?

9) What happened in social, economical and political structure during the last years of Victorian's reign?

10) What were the effects on literature of the Education Acts of 1870 and 1902?

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